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Covid-19 Pandemic Update

Covid-19 Pandemic Update

Business Continuity Planning Updates

With the impact of COVID-19 being felt around the world, we think it’s timely to proactively share our Business Continuity Planning Updates like so many of our collegues around the world.

We are proud to provide workflow-enhancement products and services to the medical research, healthcare and general consumer population on a limited basis. We are also proud to enhance the productivity of many professional teams through our solutions and 24/7 expert support.

We do not anticipate any degradation in service or apps and/or platforms-access due to the COVID-19 aka nCov19 aka Coronavirus pandemic.

Things are hard all over.

We’ll defeat this menace together.

Lisiceland Support and Service

Team Lisaiceland is a globally distributed organization comprising of five key groups that already leverage the latest techstacks for remote-work for all roles, including development, research, deployment (CICD), technical support, customer success, and on-call engineering teams. We are operating in remote-only mode for many years and very successfully at that with near-zero downtime. You can see our SLA/Uptime page for more details. We are confident in our ability to continue to provide 24/7/365 service, even in the event that many physical office locations remain closed for an extended period.


Our mission-critical infrastructure partners are Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and AWS among many others. Please refer to our GDPR-2 page of co-processors.  We use GCP for core computing and data storage in multiple redundant data-centers worldwide and with AWS’s enterprise-grade network with over 70 global points of presence for edge computing and content delivery. Both of these main partners and all of our co-processors are extremely well prepared to respond to current events and, with them, we will continue providing smooth scalability and the fastest possible end-user experience. 

Our internal operations will not be disrupted by COVID-19. All smooth so far. Under the hood, our platform is based on 100% secured HIPAA-based and hardened-containerization (not virtual machines) and is managed entirely via software, which is how we deliver the “engagement platforms” value proposition so well.

Team Productivity

Initial reports indicate that internet utilization will increase during the pandemic. According to Cloudflare, peak Internet traffic in Italy is up 30% already. This likely means digital teams will see their workloads increase over the coming months, and our engagement platforms are ready for the task. 

By empowering users to work in real-time, and providing structured agile workflows for high-tempo releases, Lisaiceland’s engagement platforms have been shown to more than double the productivity of cross-functional clinical web teams. For teams operating remotely, the ability to collaborate in online development environments can be a game-changer and now it is even moreso. 

We know that many of you are already facing challenges, or likely will in the coming weeks. It’s our job to ensure that website operations aren’t a point of friction in these uncertain times, and we’re on it. 

We wish you, your colleagues, and your families enduring health, productivity, and security in the months ahead for America and all of our neighbors on a global scale. Stay safe, highly-vigilant, practicing social distancing and making sure not to panic. Also, DO NOT hoard resources. Let’s think about our neighbors and their needs along with our own. Please. We’re all in this together and we’ll get out of this together. Stay strong and bless. 


Lisa Kristinardottir

Program Director & CEO
– Team Lisaiceland

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