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Welcome Friends & Colleagues!


⚡️Coronavirus is airborne! 

wear mask – wash hands – watch distance

We’re affectionately named after a kindred magical place full of renewal, re-birth and always future-facing. 

👩‍🔬 1 team. 1 effort. 1 purpose. We’re a no-nonsense group of practical can-do experienced creators, scientists, applied engineers & solutions builders delivering solutions constantly since 2013. Seven years in healthcare ops & medical research deep trenches. Plus prior seven years in energy ops, research & project management as well. We’ve seen it all. Good. Bad. Ugly.

😡 If you’re fed up with companies like Facebook and others selling YOUR data, you should know We have a permanent selling + usage lock, as well as viewing locks for all chat and calling data. The rights of which are given ONLY to YOU. ONLY you can view it, change it & delete it. Period. It’s forever on data you enter and the backend database (data-in-flight AND data-at-rest). The most-secure you can get. Not just for our clinical apps but ALL our apps. The only data on you that we keep for admin viewing purposes is your user email and phone number for our chat apps. This is strictly ONLY for user management and for any payment (if any) purposes with our partnered subprocessors.

📲 In 2020 we were thrust into urgent Covid-19 disease-mitigation work along with our ADA compliance dedicated for seniors and other on-going clinical and remoting app-development projects. This is with 100% of our own private funding. We didn’t receive any government bailouts. Thankfully, we remain uncorrupted in an age of utter lawlessness. Bold and taking a stand for America, truth & the pursuit of helping to defeat Covid-19 globally using science, data, facts & awesome American ingenuity.

🙌 We’ve already delivered mitigation tools since February 2020, all during this awful pandemic. Also, we donate to uplift focused scientific & applied engineering work in USA & globally.

If you find our work important, please help & join us. Please donate generously.

We’ve stayed in business in extreme hardship during this pandemic.

We’re all in this together!

BoincUrgent Project – CV19 Protein Folding Validation Builds

Currently, one of the most urgent projects that we’re involved in is helping to boldly design new advanced proteins to address monumental challenges in fundamental applied medical research in infectious-diseases. Specifically for Covid-19. We run our own servers for daily protein folding validation builds helping researchers at $0 cost to them (at our internal R&D labs, UC berkeley, U of Washington, University of Graz & many others). Our contributions among many Covid-19 projects we fund privately. We’re in the process of integrating these intermediate data/results with many products currently under development, including emergency vaccine research. Also, scaling our development efforts & our server-capacity dramatically to speed up final results. This costs a ton of money. Please help us if you’re able. This is a good cause to help fight Covid-19 & diseases in general. The war is not over. Not even close. We’re actively helping our colleagues in science, engineering & tech. Please participate however you can. We need all the help we can get!

Why predict and design protein structures and complexes?

Proteins are the molecular machines and building blocks of life. Their functions and interactions are critical for the chemical and biological framework and processes of all living organisms. The function of a protein and how it interacts with other molecules are largely determined by its shape (the three-dimensional structure). Proteins are initially synthesized as long chains of amino acids and, for the most part, they cannot function properly until they fold into intricate globular structures. Understanding and predicting the rules that govern this complex folding process — involving the folding of the main backbone and the packing of the molecular side chains of the amino acids — is one of the central problems of biology. Knowing how proteins fold and interact with other molecules and determining their functions may ultimately lead to drug discoveries and cures for human diseases. Currently, millions of dollars are being spent to determine the structures of proteins experimentally using X-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). If this could be done computationally, it would significantly reduce the cost and revolutionize structural biology. Designing protein structures and complexes also offers significant scientific and practical benefits. If one can design completely new structures, one can potentially design novel molecular machines — proteins for carrying out new functions as therapeutics, catalysts, etc. And finally, there’s the evolutionary question of whether the folds that are sampled in nature are the limit to what’s possible; or whether there are quite different folds that are also possible. Understanding the rules that govern folding and design may help answer this question.

Please visit the following Wikipedia links for more general information about:

More Info Here: Institue for Protein Design at The University of Washington.

We’ve delivered Covid-19 (CV19) solutions 100% FREE
  • Pandemic Infection-Spread Predictor
  • Cardiology Calculators
  • Life Calculators
  • CV19 Patient Outcome Predictor
  • Instant Vitals Using Camera
  • Contacts Tracing App
  • Fast CV19 Disease Detector Using X-Rays
  • Fast Diabetes Disease Detector
  • Diagnosis NLP/NLU Assistant
  • PPE info & Shop
  • Transformational Platforms For Pandemic(s):
    i.e. Infinitas Cloud apps that aid individuals and organizations to rapidly transition to become enabled to operate in a remoting/virtualized work & play environment of lockdowns with onsite and other restrictions.
We are 100% remote.

We don’t waste hours and hours in useless commutes and now pandemics have proven it’s efficiencies.

360° Replicable Data Science-Based Solutions

Evidence-based, HIPAA-protected and certified, empirically-testable clinical software solutions hosted by us and delivered that solve non-functional and functional requirements wholistically. We conduct rapid clinician-to-clinician engagements to airgap it all.

Apps | APIs | AI

Four key stacks that propel us forward, aka myClinApps. We have deployed and activated emergency PPE supply lines, AI algorithms for Covid-19 contact tracing, image-processing for multiple imaging modalities, learning, life calculators (calcs), enhancers. Deployed as single & multi-tenant apps with APIs & AI with comprehensive data-interoperability (interop). This has lead to successful evidence-based clinical and life-enhancing helper solutions, making voice-enabled and data-powered workflow transformations that much better for our users.


This consists of a set of combined solutions set to make the clinical transformation easier with targeted Apps, APIs AI and integrated training.


  • NEW medical-grade PPE
  • NEW Unique Covid-19 Predictors & Info
  • NEW Covid-19 contact tracer app
  • NEW Covid-19 detection system using x-rays app
  • NEW Covid-19 related diseases conditions detectors 
  • NEW Covid-19 diagnosis app


Workflow Apps, APIs & AI (Machine/Deep Learning)

  • Covid-19 contact tracing
  • vaccine research (NGS specialty)
  • surgical preference-cards management
  • telemed
  • CAR-T genomic therapies, clinical trials
  • clinical engagement recommender engines (within APCD-scopings)
  • SMART-on-FHIR apps
  • verifiable credentialed clinical training that deliver key value-added benefits
  • Data-Interop is *the* key to what makes all of these solutions work
  • : Aka MAIE and AI machine/Deep Learning (ML DL) APIs. Fast voice-powered AI engine. Our key foundational voice-enabling tech that’s integrated into all our products. Delivered as Alexa Skills and Google Assistant API integrations. Works with Echo, Nest and all related voice-powered service-related software endpoints & skills-enabled devices.

myEnhancers (Infinitas Cloud)
NEW Useful helper apps. Simple, practical, secure, cloud-first PWA and mobile apps as tools that will keep you in a happier place. Verifiable and immutable Blockchained-data to give you peace of mind. Designed, built and deployed to pay you back with pleasant journeys at work & play. Cloud-first-powered on all compliant hardware as PWA-enabled and native mobile.Covid-19 Mask

ADA & WAG Compliance. Code implementation service for websites to comply for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, WCAG 2.1 & WAG.

Always-on secured “beyond-HIPAA” data-retention.
All apps are 100% FREE to use. We only charge for consent-based GDPR, CCPA privacy-securing of your data. That’s data-in-flight, i.e. from app-to-backend, data-at-rest (cloud database clusters), login/signups (includes twitter, github, google, email), pw-recovery with MFA/OTPs, SSO & internal-usage machine-learned optimizations. Flat easy $1/month/app/user. We NEVER rent or sell your data to anyone for any reason. All apps as PWA, mobile & desktop versions. We’re working to get FDA 510(k) approvals to make them available for general public release.

Fundamental Research
  • Vaccine Biohacking: critical ideation
  • Radiology data IO expertise (X-Rays)
  • Covid-19 Detection & Testing
  • Translational clinical trials analytics
  • Medical BLS, ACLS & PALS certifications
  • HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR deep privacy
  • Medical & healthcare operations expertise
  • Cutting-edge applied-science enhancements
  • Integrating & improving data-driven apps
  • NLP NLU ASR annotators
  • Serverless fulfillments
  • Bias reduction in AI
  • Smart NGS tweaks

If you find our work important, please help us & donate generously. We’ve stayed in business and would like it to stay that way.

We’re all in this together.

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