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Welcome Friends & Colleagues!
We’re affectionately named after a kindred magical place full of renewal, re-birth and always future-facing. The volcanic phoenix powerhouse mountain princess Katla in Iceland (aka Lisaiceland or Katlania, adopted by our teammates worldwide). We’re continuing our multi-year organizational success for iterative agile product deliveries.

Built with love on planet Earth.
Available soon off-planet as well.

We’re currently delivering Covid-19 (CV19) apps

  • FREE Pandemic Predictions Engine
  • Contacts Tracing
  • Fast Disease Detector Using X-Rays
  • Diagnosis NLP/NLU Assistant
  • Other Disease Detectors
  • PPE info & Shop
  • Transformational Platforms For Pandemic(s):
    i.e. Infinitas Cloud apps that aid individuals and organizations to rapidly transition to become enabled to operate in a remoting/virtualized work & play environment of lockdowns with onsite and other restrictions.

We are 100% remote.

We don’t waste hours and hours in useless commutes and now pandemics have proven it’s efficiencies.

360° Replicable Data Science-Based Solutions (Apps: PWA, iOS, Android, Watch & Steam)
Evidence-based, HIPAA-protected and certified, empirically-testable clinical software solutions hosted by us and delivered that solve non-functional and functional requirements wholistically. We conduct rapid clinician-to-clinician engagements to airgap it all.

Apps | APIs | AI
Four key stacks that propel us forward, aka myClinApps. We have deployed and activated emergency PPE supply lines, AI algorithms for Covid-19 contact tracing, image-processing for multiple imaging modalities, learning, life calculators (calcs), enhancers. Deployed as single & multi-tenant apps with APIs & AI with comprehensive data-interoperability (interop). This has lead to successful evidence-based clinical and life-enhancing helper solutions, making voice-enabled and data-powered workflow transformations that much better for our users.


This consists of a set of combined solutions set to make the clinical transformation easier with targeted Apps, APIs AI and integrated training.


  • NEW medical-grade PPE (face masks, hand sanitizers, gowns, gloves & more in the future)
  • NEW Unique Covid-19 Predictions & Info Tools
  • NEW Covid-19 contact tracer app with Covid-19 contact tracer viewer
  • NEW Covid-19 detection system using x-rays app
  • NEW Covid-19 related diseases conditions detection systems 
  • NEW Covid-19 diagnosis app


Workflow Apps, APIs & AI (Machine/Deep Learning)

  • Covid-19 contact tracing
  • vaccine research (NGS specialty)
  • surgical preference-cards management
  • telemed
  • CAR-T genomic therapies, clinical trials
  • clinical engagement recommender engines (APCDs)
  • SMART-on-FHIR apps
  • verifiable credentialed clinical training that deliver key value-added benefits
  • Data-Interop is *the* key to what makes all of these solutions work
  • myai.expert : Aka MAIE and AI machine /Deep Learning (ML DL) APIs. Fast voice-powered AI engine. Our key foundational voice-enabling tech that’s integrated into all our products. Delivered as Alexa Skills and Google Assistant API integrations. Works with Echo, Nest and all related voice-powered service-related software endpoints & skills-enabled devices.

myEnhancers (Life-Enhancers)
NEW Useful helper apps. Simple, practical, secure, cloud-first PWA and mobile apps as tools that will keep you in a happier place. Verifiable and immutable Blockchained-data to give you peace of mind. Designed, built and deployed to pay you back with pleasant journeys at work & play. Cloud-first-powered on all compliant hardware as PWA-enabled and native mobile.

myComply (ADA & WAG Compliance)
Code implementation service for websites to comply for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, WCAG 2.1 & WAG.

Always-on secured “beyond-HIPAA” data-retention.
All apps are 100% FREE to use. We only charge for consent-based GDPR, CCPA privacy-securing of your data. That’s data-in-flight, i.e. from app-to-backend, data-at-rest (cloud database clusters), login/signups (includes twitter, github, google, email), pw-recovery with MFA/OTPs, SSO & internal-usage machine-learned optimizations. Flat easy $1/month/app/user. We NEVER rent or sell your data to anyone for any reason. All apps as PWA, mobile & desktop versions. We’re working to get FDA 510(k) approvals to make them available for general public release.

We Conduct Fundamental Applied Research
  • Fundamental applied-science research
  • Vaccine Research: ideation, design, setup & results
  • Radiology data IO & integration expertise (X-Rays)
  • Covid-19 Detection & Testing
  • Translational clinical trials analytics
  • APCD designs & implementations w/recommenders
  • Medical BLS, ACLS & PALS Certifications
  • Medical & Healthcare Operations Trained Teammates
  • Cutting-Edge Applied Science Enhancements
  • Integrating & improving data-driven apps
  • NLP NLU ASR annotators
  • Serverless fulfillments
  • Bias reduction in AI
  • Smart NGS tweaks