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Lisaiceland Inc.

Welcome Friends & Colleagues!
We’re affectionately named after a kindred magical place full of renewal, re-birth and always future-facing. The volcanic phoenix powerhouse mountain princess Katla in Iceland (aka Lisaiceland or Katlania, adopted by our teammates worldwide). We’re continuing our multi-year organizational success for iterative agile product deliveries.

Built with love on planet Earth.
Available soon off-planet as well.

We are 100% remote.This helps us fight many negative things. The least of which is not wasting hours and hours in useless commutes and now Pandemics.

It’s now. It’s the future of work if you care about massive productivity gains.
Consider it. You know it works. It works for us!

360° Replicable Data Answers 
Evidence-based, empirically-testable clinical software solutions hosted by us and delivered that solve non-functional and functional requirements wholistically. We conduct rapid clinician-to-clinician engagements to airgap it all. No loopholes.


This consists of a set of combined solutions set to make the clinical transformation easier with targeted Apps, APIs AI and integrated training.

Aka MAIE and AI machine /Deep Learning (ML DL) APIs. Fast voice-powered AI engine. Our key foundational voice-enabling tech that’s integrated into all our products.

Delivered as Alexa Skills and Google Assistant API integrations. Works with Echo, Nest and all related voice-powered service-related software endpoints & skills-enabled devices.

Our R&D and products development experience span engagement platforms for surgical preference-cards management, telemed, CAR-T genomic therapies, clinical trials, clinical engagement recommender engines (APCDs) & verifiable credentialed clinial training that deliver key value-added benefits.

Data-Interop baby! That’s the key to what makes all of these solutions work across entire medical enterprises. We’re rolling out an integrated SoF apps-builder platform.

Useful helper apps. Simple, practical, secure, cloud-first PWA and mobile apps as tools that will keep you in a happier place. Verifiable and immutable Blockchained-data to give you peace of mind.

Designed, built and deployed to pay you back with pleasant journeys at work & play.

Cloud-first-powered on all compliant hardware as PWA-enabled and native mobile.

  • Fundamental cancer biology to impact diagnostic genomics therapeutics
  • Bionformatics AI algorithms
  • Impacful practical & implementable IT transformations