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We’re affectionately named after a kindred magical place full of renewal, re-birth and always future-facing. The volcanic phoenix powerhouse mountain princess Katla in Iceland (aka Lisaiceland or Katlania, adopted by our teammates worldwide). We’re celebrating our multi-year organizational success of iterative agile product deliveries.

Translational Clinical Tools

Achieve 360° Replicable Data Answers with myClinApps platform.
Evidence-based, empirically-testable clinical software solutions hosted by us and delivered that solve non-functional and functional requirements wholistically. We conduct rapid clinician-to-clinician engagements to airgap it all. No loopholes.

The integration is end-to-end, in-depth and delivers a functional, deeply-queryable clinical and trials analytics system with advanced features to your fingertips. We connect to every clinical trial published globally since 2011. Our system is made-to-order for the broader translational clinical trials research community but one that also specifically aids translational-data workflows for therapies in cancer biology. This additional capability is our custom queryable datastore containing over 200 targeted therapy and immunotherapy cancer agents as an innovative clincal research-to-bedside solution made for real impact.

In addition to this, we can connect to nearly any modern backend system to give you the transformative powers over your clinical trials and all aggregated clinical data that lead to better research outcomes for all researchers, caregivers in palliative systems and ultimately the suffering patients who need relief through advanced breakthroughs. Question it all. We give you the capability.

myClinAppsAI | APIs | Apps

myClinApps platform consists of a set of combined solutions set to make the clinical transformation easier with targeted Apps, APIs AI and integrated training. For this to happen with myClinApps, we have mastered the integration of AI and APIs with comprehensive data-interoperability (interop) as the key to successful evidence-based clinical solutions that make data-powered transformations even more powerful.

We use FHIR as the “healthcare data-interop” standard specification we use to connect all our healthcare medical apps. SMART-on-FHIR is our “auth” (authorization) standard that secures them all, EHR/EMR containerized or not (see who is using SMART-on-FHIR or SoF). Our goal is to build practical focused solutions from core ideas, for resolving hard pain-points and building for humanity.

Interop | Research

  • Fundamental cancer biology to impact diagnostic genomics therapeutics
  • Data interoperability using SMART-on-FHIR
  • Bionformatics AI algorithms
  • Impacful practical & implementable IT transformations