We develop and integrate verifiable proofs on the blockchain which are crytographic hashes (ours is in ChainPoint format) and stored on the Bitcoin blockchain that establish the time of creation and integrity of our database (DB)versions.

This proof can also be used to prove individual documents in that DB version.

In summary, our proof is a Chainpoint compatible hash tree structure that can be used to validate the entire version of the DB, or any document within the DB.

The “root” hash from this hash tree is stored on the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • Our proofs start in Pending status. At this point the proof has been submitted to the ChainPoint network but has not yet been stored on the ChainPoint blockchain.
  • Once confirmed on the ChainPoint network, proofs move to Submitted status.
  • When the ChainPoint proof is anchored on the bitcoin blockchain, the proof moves to Valid status.
  • Voila, blockchain-trust-verified.
  • Now, it’s verifiable everywhere as a trusted proof. Done.