An integral part of myClinApps.
Fast clinical trials translational clinical tool (TCT) for data-analytics with clinical data explorers, webhooks for data-event updates, API consumable-data endpoints and many other practical intuitive features. 2011 to present day comprehensive data on over 320,000+ global trials.

Answer all your thirsty clinical research questions from every global clinical trials’ archived data. Train your AIML with this datastore and analytics system that we maintain and feed your live data to answer your pressing predictive-analytics questions succintly.

Access to nearly 200 targeted therapy and immunotherapy cancer agents queryable datastore through a single interfaced system (see docTokk, our CAR-T TCT product).

Connecting multiple datastores.
(MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, SQL Server, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, Druid, H2, SQLite, Oracle, Crate, Google Analytics, Vertica, Spark, Presto & Snowflake)

Works on any browser as full PWA, desktop or mobile. 

Customizable as a SMART-on-FHIR (SoF) app with deep multi-way HL7 interfacing.

More info posted as we complete more development testing iterations/sprints and security-hardened deployment.