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Ignorance Of This Law Is No Excuse

No One Is Safe

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No One Is Safe

Everyone Must Comply

Legal ADA Compliance

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We must respect and save our elders and disabled by lessening their burdens as much as we can. It’s a matter of pride and honor for us to help healthcare, medical research and any and all other organizations that need urgent help to become compliant with the ADA, which is an acronym for “Americans with Disability Act” (ADA). Not tomorrow. Not later. Not put off for even another day. Today. We can help you immediately!

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We Want To Help Every Business
Become ADA Compliant

Helping everyone’s website become compliant with the international Web Accessibility Guidelines (WAG), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 & the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Avoid nasty and costly lawsuits that suck your bank accounts dry.

Automatically rank higher in search engines with less effort.

All business websites, small, medium and large are affected.

No exceptions under the ADA law.

ADA No One Is Safe

Don’t get burned $25,000+
“Or Much More” PER SITE.


Delivery Completion

Within 3 Days

Expedited Service Available

Don’t Fall for 24-48 Hours Delivery Scams, especially during the pandemic


They will come for all websites as they came for Beyonce in 2018-2019 and others in 2018, 2019 and now 2020. Don’t get sued. Don’t let it slide or delay.

Q: Is you website ADA compliant?

Q: Does My Website Have To Be ADA Compliant?

ADA Compliant Checklist 2020

ADA Lawsuits In Florida

Businesses Are “Sitting Ducks”

Could Your Company Videos Be Sued

Do YouTube and Vimeo Meet WCAG 2.1 Keyboard Accessibility Guidelines?

Be Concerned. Very Much So.


ADA Lawsuits On Rise

Cold Hard FACTS

Don’t be shy to admit if you haven’t heard the active nature of the ADA enforement before. Many, if not most even in 2020, website owners aren’t aware of it.

  • A recent report cited New York’s federal courts saw 1,471 lawsuits filed in 2018 to be handled in 2019 and aimed at websites that plaintiffs claim are not American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible, accounting for 64 percent of the 2,285 suits launched in seven major states tracked by the company UsableNet ( ref).
  • Number of lawsuits nearly tripled in 2018 (Seyfarth ref).
  • Data from the first six months of 2019 shows a 12%  increase over 2018 (Seyfarth ref)
  • But this ADA acronym is not worth your attention unless you get to know that more than 10,000 websites were sued in 2018-2019 sessions alone and every one of them for websites not being ADA compliant (Seyfarth ref).
  • Scary 2020 prodictions: ADA non-compliance lawsuits will only increase and more. Everybody is taking a dangerous wait-and-see approach are taking major legal risks (Usablenet ref).
  • Most business/website owners sued pay between $4,000– $200k as out of court settlement. A recent settlement was $6m, yes six million US Dollars (USD $).
  • California law sets a minimum dollar amount for damages of $4,000 + attorney’s fees for each ADA violation, a minimum not imposed in most other states (LA Times ref)
  • Unlike GDPR, the ADA law requires no notice before a lawsuit is filed against a company for non-compliance.

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The Covid-19 aka Corona virus pandemic has caused enough troubles for most of us and dealing with all the financial difficulties right now surely makes you exhausted. You definitely don’t need another one hitting you and your budget anytime soon.

Cloud Web Stacks

  • We use the latest cloud-based web technology stacks (front-end and backend) in our service with all the code provided to you for ANY type of site (simple HTML, HTML5, WordPress, Shopify, bootstrap, e-commerce sites of any type, app front-ends and pages, any site where you can inject into the body of any site pages our ADA compliance tooling code customized for you).
  • You’ll gain immediate relief knowing you’re protected.
  • Not only will you NOT find a more cost-effective solution for your website to be ADA-compliant, but you can rest-assured that it puts you into an immediate state of preparedness that you are indeed fully-compliant right away
  • No expensive and lengthy subscriptions.
  • Simple one time cost!
  • We prepare and deliver all of the tools which are fully compliant.
  • Includes easy-to-follow documentation to show you how to install.

What Do You Get?

The main core of our service are the following deliveries to make you ADA compliant in as little time as possible. No complicated software development or IT mumbo jumbo. Our own websites’ tool(s) is on the middle left-hand side of the pages of all our sites. Click the red wheelchair logo and see all the tools in action. Convince yourself.

(1) First item you get is the full version of your current updated-for-life working ADA Compliance Tool (ACT) with all the custom code for your specific site(s) that’s to be uploaded in your site immediately. That’s your compliance starting point.

(2) Second, you get your own website’s (literally any type of website) legally-compliant accessability statement (aka accessability policy) that’s fully-integrated into its matching ADA compliance tool. You can choose where to place it and the color as well (see images below and to the right).

(3) Third, all this is provided to you to become complaint right away. This includes well-written directions and custom help if you require it.

(4) Fourth, of course you get your site’s complete report with all the issues you need to address, this is in addition to the tooling we provide. We can fix these for you as well. See below for custom installation costing and ordering seperately, etc.

ADA Tool Widget Position
We Are *The* Agency
We Do NOT Sub-Contract
Extreme Clarity
  • If you already know but have been procrastinating this extremely important step to become compliant for all your websites and app front-ends, you may want to think this over during all the stay-at-home times right now before a vaccine comes out (at least 1 to 1.5 years out).
  • We own our own software development and delivery service and agency to offer you this ADA compliance service. We do NOT outsource to gig workers or other companies or agencies. We do all the coding, development and deployment on our own infrastructure.
  • We also offer very generous up to 30% level-1 affiliate commissions and 10% parent for level-2 affiliates, as well. Sign up. Get the link to use and start selling and earn good money!
  • We’re in the business of healthcare and medical research software development and we have our own IT folks. We can tell you unequivacolly, all of them pretty much offering what we offer at a far higher cost with follow on expensive and useless upsells, including cut-throat consulting fees. Don’t fall for those, please!
  • We Custom Install For You (extra cost): If you want us to do it all for you end-to-end, we can do that too! Our service of implementing your code is a nominal charge of $799 flat one-time fee per site. Discounts available for multiple sites.
  • Comprehensive Website Fixes (extra cost): Beyond this, if you need all of the site’s comprehensive site coding errors fixed, which is a different set of errors altogether from just ADA compliance tool not being implemented, it’s $4999 per site.
  • Custom Website Coding (extra cost): Contact us for any other custom coding work. We’re here to help you in this and all crises.
  • We offer the full-service to make sure you’re good to go from the get go and beyond.
  • Please see terms and contact us (bottom of this page).
Buy Now Before You Get Sued


Hot Savings

50% off for Covid-19

until August 31, 2021



Earn Now

Level 1 – 30% Per Sale!

$50 Sign-Up Bonus

Level 2 – Parent 10%

Sales Terms for our service & product

We’re 100% transparent in black and white. No gimmicks. No empty promises. Just what we enumerate, we deliver. If you need more from us, you tell us. We deliver. Period.

All sales are final as each coding package, report, accessibility statement, installation directions, delivery timelines (i.e. if expedited or not), is unique to your website(s). We back up our work for the lifetime of your custom ADA Compliance Tool and any and all custom installation or code-fixes or work we do for you (extra cost, please contact us if you need this as well from the listing of your site’s technical report).

We appreciate your valued patronage to serve your company and allowing us to serve you and serve our communities for Covid-19 relief that’s so urgently needed everywhere!

Thank You. Bless.


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