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Covid-19 | Solutions

  • 🗃️ 100% Anonymized Covid-19 Symptoms Check For Disease (interactive smart assistant, aka chatbot)
  • 🗃️ LIVE Pandemic Data
  • 🗃️ Covid-19 Data App
  • 📟 Cardiology Calcs
  • 📟 Life Calcs
  • 📈 Dynamic SIR Simulations
  • 📈 Spatial SIR Simulations
  • 📈 Infection Recovery
  • 📈 Patient Outcomes
  • 📈 Fast PCR Testing Services

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🚀 myInstantVitals
App uses 100% non-invasive camera-based PPG & DL technique for measuring blood volume changes in the blood vessels close to the skin. Targets: BPM, HR, BP, HRV-SDNN, respiration, SPO2 & more. This can be used with our myBPClassification (i.e. to classify BP history over time) & myCardioMyo (i.e. cardiomyopathy assessment using advanced DL BbyB prediction algo for ejection frac calcs). (beta here)

🚀 myCovidDetector
App uses 100% non-invasive camera-based PPG & DL technique. Currently ~92% accuracy on our training & live datasets based solely on X-ray images i.e. no other data, no PHI or PII, including no geographical (GPS) location or population density data, etc. was used to train our model with 100% sensitivity and 85% specificity. (beta here)

🚀 myDiabetesDetector
App uses 100% non-invasive DL algo. Currently ~84% accuracy. We’re working to increase this accuracy by Q4 2020. (beta here)

🚀 myContactsTracer
App uses 100% non-invasive contactless technique that encrypts e2e + anonymizes (aka “de-ID’s”) PHI and PII fully in auditable form to allow contacts to be traced, linked and connected with healthcare personnel who can help mitigate virus spreads. Distributed efficient admin technique is used for best results (beta here)

🚀 PCR Testing Services
Coming soon!

(1) VIRUS DETECTION TESTS: The detection for all strains of winter virus: Influenza A, Influenza B, RSV and SARS-CoV-2 (Lyophilised) CE-IVD. 

(2) ANTIBODIES TESTS: Also, we’ll be doing high-performance enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay testing for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies. (more details here)

👌 Secured “beyond-HIPAA” data-retention. 
All data db clusters are in 100% de-ID’d, keystore-keychain, db-at-rest and data-in-flight secured lockdowns. (more)

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