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Clinical Trials 360

You can use an open-source Clinical Trials Data-Driven Analytics product or you can use our Clinical Trials 360 (ct360). We just want you to have access to great tools and be successful in your clinical research and operations endeavors. We’re clinicians and speak your langauge and understand your pain-points. We have them and have experienced them ourselves. That’s where we’re coming from.

We give you many extras beyond a normal clinical trials analytics app installation. 


Other open-source apps/solutions (taken straight from the open-source product’s sites)

  • Easily summarize and visualize your data without ever writing a line of SQL or having to wait on a coworker.
  • Browse or search through your tables, then filter things down to find just what you need.
  • Move from your data to graphs and charts with just a few clicks.
  • When you need to dig into the complicated stuff, the apss/solution provides a flexible GUI query builder and an elegant SQL interface.
  • Schedule and send charts or results to your team via email or Slack.
  • Set up alerts to let everyone know when something needs your attention or when you’ve met that goal at last.
  • Let everyone on your team create, organize, and share beautiful collections of visualizations and data.

  • BUMMER: You have to host or pay large sums for hosting to someone else.
  • BUMMER: You have to connect al the DBs and wire up the DBs yourself.
  • BUMMER: You have to debug and maintain an IT staff to deal with many headaches, the least of which is HR-related.
  • BUMMER: If you want more features, tough luck. You have to hire typically extremely senior Java, Javascript, RDBMS full-stack developers, managers, testers and devOps engineers to make an end-run to have a successful deployment.
  • BUMMER: …and many other downsides too numerous to mention them all here…

On the other hand…

Welcome to our ct360 can do the above with none of the down sides (i.e. the bummers) and +

  • We’re not just another IT shop operating as an IT shop. We’re clinical reserachers, clinical investigators, MDs, RNs, DMPs and senior clinical software developers ourselves. We have your LOB (line-of-business in mind), i.e. physicians group, hospital, CRO or any other type of clinical outfit.
  • We host all apps on our security-hardened and scaled servers.
  • Nothing for you to maintain. Your IT cost = $0.
  • No storage limits, pricing tiers, or caps.
  • Your data stays private and on your own servers.
  • Full CRUD of all data.
  • Tables are natively responsive, and can be used on any device types.
  • Works really quick with large tables, up to millions of rows.
  • All filtering, sorting, pagination, and other data processing routines are handled by our advanced DB engine.
  •  We allow you to create individual filters for your datasets, which is quite a handy way to quickly narrow down the results of your table.
  • Tables can be made editable – and users can edit the contents of the tables inline, or in a generated form.
  • It’s possible to highlight cells, rows, columns depending on their content – in Excel this feature is called Conditional Formatting.
  • Each table can be used as a data source for creating charts.
  • Charts are rendered by 3 powerful engines and can change in real-time.
  • Reports generation (PDF, docx, xlsx).
  • Create awesome dashboards with many options.

Our ct360 base features with above +

  • Processed, cleaned and data-trained on clinical trials data from 2011 to present day (like today!)
  • Advanced predictive models powering your semantic searches.
  • Answers your clinical trials questions immediately.
  • Integrates into SMART-on-FHIR back-end and front-end infrastructures.
  • We stand by our product to make sure your clinical research work and clinical operational work runs smooth.
  • Extremely-intuitive workflow. Seriously, no bull. We’re NOT kidding.
  • Multiple chart libraries (Google, Highcharts, Chart.js) for 35 chart types
  • PWA: Desktop and Mobile

  • More features and bug fixes are on-going and are completed in an iterative agile development process.

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