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100% Green Hosting 

✔️ We’re 100% built and integrated in USA and 100% green-hosted. That means ALL apps, APIs & AI algorithms. All powered by renewable energy with ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT.

✔️ Spend a few moments on our site and it doesn’t take long to see our pride for our support team and the reliability of our apps, APIs, AI & all services offered.

✔️ We’re very proud of our green-hosting roots. We started it that way from day one! This is how we started our single consulting app development project back in January of 2013.

✔️ Now we’re able to offer a full set of amazing apps, Covid-19, APIs & AI projects in an agile-managed program!

✔️ We feel it’s so essential to help protect our environment on not just a local level, but on a global one as well. Protecting the environment for our future generations; that in a nutshell explains the goal of FutureServe Green Hosting.

100% Green Hosting Partnership with & Many Others

✔️ Since 2013 we have made sure ALL our data server partners & coprocessors were fully partnered with and other forward-looking organizations, to offset our carbon footprint.

✔️ All were chose because they were leading organizations in the fight against global climate change.

✔️ We work with our partners in conjunction with to fully offset our partnered-servers’ CO2 emissions.

✔️ The work centers on reforestation and promoting energy efficiency. Our partnership with and others helps their continued development of clean, renewable sources of energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions on a global scale.

Our 100% Green Hosting Practices

  • Telecommuting – To prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions from daily commutes to an office, our employees work remotely from their homes. Sure we need to get together from time to time, so our employees are happy to carpool.
  • Recycling Older Servers – Instead of tossing our older equipment into a landfill, we re-use it. Our retired hardware is used as internal servers, dedicated servers for clients with lower resource requirements and is resold to the public.
  • Planting Trees – We’ve been known to run special promotions, including planting 3-trees for every app subscription sold during a given month.
  • Reducing Trash – Have you ever had fun taking the trash out? Neither have we! We reduce our waste as much as possible with practices like using coffee mugs instead of disposable coffee cups.
  • Solid State Disk Drives – We use the fastest SSDs using less energy than traditional HDDs. All running on 100% solar power. 
  • In-House Development/Coding – all of it is done with 100% solar power right now with ZERO carbon-footprint.