✅ Workflow Solutions
We have deep experience in developing SaaS platforms & apps for urgent Covid-19, surgical preference card management, master clinical-consumer eligibility APCDs, telemed/videochat, CAR-T genomic therapies systems, clinical trials & verifiable credentialed clinical training that deliver key value-added benefits. PWA, Mobile & Desktop.

Data-Interop. Apps wired up with recommender engines. 

Secure AI models crunching live data against quality training and testing data-base neural nets. Simple. Elegant.

✅ Voice Assistants
Natural contextual voice-based Alexa Skills, Google Assistant & other NLP/NLU API/app integrations.

✅ Training + Verifiable Credentialing
We offer training for clinical trials, BLS APLS, PALS algorithms modifications to scenarios & earned credentials that can be verified against a secure blockchain.