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This could be the coronavirus cure we’ve been waiting for, and it’s not a vaccine

The race to develop effective coronavirus treatments that can cure COVID-19 yielded more promising results. Regeneron announced that its monoclonal antibody compound was effective and well-tolerated in a Phase 1 trial focused on treating COVID-19 outside of the hospital. The company said that the new medicine helped reduce viral levels in confirmed coronavirus patients and…

One-third of US parents say they won’t get their kids the flu vaccine

The last few weeks have been full of rapidly changing and often confusing guidance from the CDC, but in a Senate hearing last week, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, and other experts tried to clear the air. Fauci cited a recent study that found only about 10…

Who Gets First Crack at a COVID Vaccine? Primary Care Still in Trouble

(MedPage Today) — Welcome to this week’s edition of Healthcare Career Insights. This weekly roundup highlights healthcare career-related articles culled from across the Web to help you learn what’s next.Think you’re at the head of the COVID-19…

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