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“Everyone is impressed by Israeli vaccination, but I don’t think we’re a success story”

Israel was originally praised for its approach to covid-19 vaccine distribution, and was hailed as a model for how to get things done. But the picture that has emerged since is a lot more complicated. Covid-19 infections have reached record highs, and a new lockdown has been extended until the end of January. Meanwhile, there…

Sanders says Democrats can’t ‘wait weeks and weeks’ to gain Republican support to pass COVID-19 relief and should use reconciliation to avoid the filibuster

Summary List PlacementSen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday said that Democrats must act quickly in passing a COVID-19 relief package now that President Joe Biden has assumed office and Democrats narrowly control both the House and Senate. “Well, I don’t know what the word compromise means,” Sanders, , an Independent from Vermont, told CNN’s Dana Bash…

Inside the world’s biggest vaccine factory, India’s Serum Institute

The tiny clinking vials supervised by silent PPE-wearing technicians belie the excitement inside the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, the Serum Institute of India, a major player in the fight against coronavirus.

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