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Starbucks CEO speaks on company joining Covid vaccine effort in Washington

Amid mounting frustration over the slow Covid-19 vaccine rollout, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee speak out to NBC News’ Stephanie Gosk about their new partnership in an effort to boost access to the vaccine in the state.

No direct link between the COVID vaccine and a recent string of deaths in the elderly, Norway finds

So far, 33 Norwegians aged 75 and over have died following immunization. They all had been seriously ill prior to getting the jab.

California Urges Stop to 300K COVID-19 Vaccines After Some Fall Ill

California’s state epidemiologist is urging a halt to more than 300,000 coronavirus vaccinations using a Moderna vaccine version because some people may have had severe allergic reactions. Associated Press

Vaccines Need Not Completely Stop COVID Transmission to Curb the Pandemic

Lessons from other viruses show that even if vaccines don’t completely stop disease spread, they can still successfully contain it — Read more on

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