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We have made this easy prediction engine so it’s useful for your university, ISD (independent school district), training centers like WeWork type of company work facilities, large or small campuses, cities, states, regions and entire countries. Look at what we’ve put together here and use it for yourself to see a very clear prediction path in the current or any other pandemic, epidemic or mass outbreak. Use it. benefit immediately. Gain insights right away without much effort for your surroundings. Then go out and do something to make a difference to stop the spread of the virus! Stay home if possible. 3Ws: wash hands, watch distance & wear a mask. We hope our governments are listening and will use a tool like this to see the massive spread in numbers and take steps to lock down hard, enforce it and save us all. We all want to go back to normal. 

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(note: you can just hit submit with the default sample data to see what results you’ll get. Please do read about the parameters, choose them and predict as many scenarios as you’d like. It’s 100% free.)

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  Common Flu SARS MERS 1918 Flu COVID-19 
Infection Rate (R0) 1.28 2.60 0.70 1.40-2.80 2.50-4.00 ?
Mortality Rate 0.10% 11% 35% 10-20% 2-5% ?
Mortality Complicator <1% ~15% ~15% ~20% >20% ?
Incubation Period 1-2 days 4-6 days 1-21 days 2-7 days 2-24 days ?
Vaccination And Curability 10%-48% effective No cure available No cure available No cure available No cure available ?

Starting Population The starting population for the outbreak/pandemic. This can be the population of the globe, your country, city or even university.
Elite in Bunkers and Immune This is the number of people that will never get sick – because they are naturally immune or they are hiding in bunkers or are fully isolated from the infected population.
Start Date This is the date when the first patient is infected.
Initial Infections The number of initial infections that occurred on the start date.
Infection Rate (R0) The number of additional people that are infected by a single patient that already has the virus (during the incubation period).
Incubation Period (Days) The average time from becoming infected to showing thee first symptoms.
Mortality Rate (%) How many people die of the virus as a percentage of those who become infected (an average death rate).
Mortality Complicator (%) This will increase the ‘Mortality Rate’ where there is a large number of new infected in a short period of time and is based on the increasing likelihood of mortality as more of the health care system becomes overwhelmed (more and more severe and critical cases that need medical help to survive, in a short period of time).
Virus Burnout Rate (%) This represents a reduction of the ‘Infection Rate’ over time – it represents the increased quarantine measures, progress with discovering a cure or vaccine and fewer healthy hosts to infect