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An integral part of myClinApps.

  • Create an inventory of your surgical instruments and supplies.
  • Use your instrument inventory to create instrument set count sheets which can be printed, emailed or viewed with an Internet browser by staff.
  • Use your instrument and item inventory to create surgical preference cards (PrefCards) to be printed or viewed via an internet browser by staff (all browsers are supported) .
  • When viewing a count sheet in the browser or mobile device, staff can access individual detailed instrument information.
  • Information in a sheet includes a photo and lists other sets containing the same instrument in the event an item is broken, missing or dropped. 
    • This feature enables staff to quickly locate and replace a sterile item and avoid flash sterilization and is a big deal for the SPD
  • Make global changes to preference cards and instrument sets.
    • For example, when a surgeon changes a glove preference, the change can be made once universally for all his or her preference cards. 
  • Assign secure password protected “lead” access for staff responsible for creating and maintaining preference cards and count sheets. 
  • Assign secure password protected “user” access for staff needing to. 
    • view and print preference cards without the ability to edit, add or delete info
  • Search function for finding individual information about your inventory of instruments and disposable supplies associated with surgical preference cards. 
  • We have a built-in chat app slack channel for reading and postings between staff.
  • We are 100% cloud-first and cloud-security-hardened so your organization doesn’t have to devote resources to provide your own IT staff to handle this aspect (see our SLA). 
    • Runs on any browser and any mobile device & fully your BYOD.
  • We run on security-hardened IaaS and the reads/writes to all DB(s) and APIs are 100% realtime.

Practical customizations work

  • We can customize to access data from your specific EHR/EMR FHIR instance for FHIR (DSTU2 & R4) READS and available WRITES (PUT, DELETE, POST or any other write REST or GraphQL endpoint actions made available by your EHR/EMR vendors)
    • Cerner
    • Epic
    • AthenaHealth
    • Medidata
    • AllScripts
    • …any FHIR-compliant or non-FHIR backends (doesn’t matter) 

…and we can do much more

  • We’ll work with you any custom work. No fuss. Zero talk. All work. 
    • We can also aggregate any other APIs or extracts that cn be brought into Google Sheets and consumed in our app
    • Testing on HSPC or HAPI or Google Healthcare API.
    • For writes, where necessary to the above backed EHR/EMRs, we use Qvera QIE interface-engine server docker instances running (GKE or other Kubernetes).
    • We can use whatever HL7 interface engines (xFE) e.g. Intersys HealthConnect.
    • Cost for customization is very reasonable and can be done very fast (usually hours to a few days INSTEAD of weeks or months of pain).
  • Our app API connects the DB to our CT360 Analytics engine and our AI engine for modeling (bio and non-bio) for predictive analytics to extract and present meaningful and practical insights to make your workflows even better. 
  • You own your data forever. Period.
  • We NEVER have access to your data that’s protected in our cloud or yours.
  • Your data is isolated (NOT sharded as is typically done by others and claiming data isolation for each organization, group or tenant in their multi-tenant system).
  • If you want to host the DB in your cloud, we’ll need to execute a HIPAA BAA as a co-processor for the front-end if you bring in any PHI/PII (typically not needed but if so, it’ll be under a BAA DPAA-2 section and do custom connection work. 
  • All airgapped customizations typically take hours to a max few days (wholly depends on your custom scenarios). Let’s chat and move your projects to the next level!
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